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SURAL's goal is to ensure that its products are accepted worldwide by clients who are totally satisfied; in every facet of its operations, SURAL employs the best in aluminum technology.

Sural Technolgy in Melting.

Sural Tech -a SURAL Group Company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts- is involved in many technological projects related to the aluminum, microelectronics and automotive industries. These projects are targeted for improve and enhance the products of SURAL's existing manufacturing operations and for planning new products and services to be offered by the Group's various businesses.

In the course of development of new products and processes, Sural Tech assists in protecting the SURAL Group's intellectual property and know how. It also disseminates this knowledge within the Group, enabling SURAL to be an aggressive and successful player in the highly competitive market segments that consume its products.

Sural holds a number of patents developed in cooperation with faculty members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which substantially improve control of the continuous casting process. Among the more recent registered patents are those related with Sural's new technology: SANGS -SURAL ADVANCED NEO GLOBULAR STRUCTURE-:

  • Continuous Extrusion of Complex Articles
  • Pressure assisted formation of shaped articles
  • Processes for producing fine grained metal compositions using continuos extrusion for semi solid forming of shaped articles
  • Processes for continuosly producing fine grained metal compositions for semi solid forming of shaped articles
If you want to know more about Sural's new SANGS Technology,
please download this whitepaper (pdf format). 


SURAL offers its customers research and development expertise to find answers to particular problems. SURAL's technical staff represent an important resource for customers seeking new applications for their products.


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