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Sural entre las primeras diez empresas exportadoras de Venezuela

En estadísticas publicadas recientemente por Bancoex -Banco de Comercio Exterior de Venezuela - SURAL se ubicó en el séptimo lugar entre las principales empresas exportadoras del país -y segunda entre las del sector privado-, según lo indican los certificados de origen emitidos entre enero y julio del presente año 2001.

Para ver la lista completa de empresas haga clic aquí  (formato PDF-Adobe Acrobat)
Fuente: http://www.bancoex.com


TRAMAL Inc. - International consortium to create in the aluminium valley a unique center for the development and commercialization of processes using light materials 

Montreal [Quebec], September, 2001 - As a follow-up to various scenarios currently circulating in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, Dr. Alfredo Riviere, President of Sural Group, today confirmed key elements of a plan to create, in the Aluminium Valley, a unique Centre for the development and commercialization of light materials. This new business, Tramal Inc., will be dedicated to the development and commercialization of new manufacturing processes for mechanical and structural automotive parts in aluminium, composite materials, technopolymers. It will specialize in the formulation of solutions for the automotive and transportation industries. Investments totalling several tens of millions of dollars are forecasted over the next ten years.



III Conferencia de las Americas. Monteal, Canadá, Abril 2001
Discurso del Dr. Alfredo Riviere, Presidente del Grupo Sural.
Montreal, Abril 18, 2001
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A Persuasive Illustration Of The Benefits Of Free Trade: The Sural Group
Montreal, April 18, 2001
In an address to one of the Montreal Conference's International Forums, Dr. Alfredo Riviere, President of The Sural Group, illustrated how beneficial free trade has been to his company. In the same vein, he insisted on Quebec's openness to free trade, saying that this was one of the key factors that brought Sural to establish a subsidiary in the province.

According to Dr. Riviere, "Integration does not mean creating economic blocs to confront other blocs, but rather to improve the trade opportunities within those trade zones and to negotiate with other continents or regions that have common markets". He went on to point out that integration must take place without discriminatory treatment with respect to both investment and trade. It must guarantee the creation of a large open market that is free to all participants, resulting in larger internal markets. With improved productivity, costs will go down and the labour force will grow and become more highly skilled. All these advantages will be reflected in product quality.



INTRAL expands its aluminium processing plant
Invest Québec. December 2000
This subsidiary of the Venezuela-based Sural Group doubles its production of aluminum-clad steel wire at its Princeville plant in Québec and sets out to conquer the automotive parts market.

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