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INTRAL & Company Ltd.
135 Carignan West blvd.
Princeville, Quebec, Canada G6L 4M3
Tel: 819-364-7551
Fax: 819-364-7425 WebSite:

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Company Overview

INTRAL AND COMPANY LTD is a dynamic, technology and service-oriented business. INTRAL was formed in 1993 to manufacture aluminium-clad steel wire and cable products for worldwide Utilities markets.

INTRAL is currently supplying the world's leading manufacturers of fiber-optic ground wire (OPGW) in North America, Europe and other countries around the world.

Although the supply of OPGW-grade, aluminium-clad steel wire is INTRAL's core business, other products include static ground wire, guy strand and wire for preforming applications.

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Products: Wire & Cable

INTRAL manufactures a complete line of aluminium-clad steel wire and cable products at various conductivity levels.

INTRAL wire consists of a central steel core with a layer of high-conductivity aluminium extruded over it. The aluminium layer thickness is at least 10% of the wire radius and approximately 25% of the cross-sectional area. INTRAL single-end wire is used by the world's leading manufactures of fibre-optic ground wire (OPGW).

Guy wires are an important element of any overhead line structure. Since each strand of Intral guy wire has a thick outer layer of aluminium extruded over the steel, there is no loss of strength over time. Intral guy strand is easy to install because it weighs less than other high-strength guying or messenger materials.

INTRAL's aluminium-clad steel cable is well known for its combination of corrosion resistance and high strength. These properties make it an excellent choice for electrical distribution and transmission line guys. Good conductivity, ampacity and sag characteristics make INTRAL strand ideal as neutral messenger or as overhead ground wire. INTRAL stranded cable is also used as core wire for ACSR conductors.

For more information about our Products please visit the Products section.

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Products: Tubes, Bars & Core Sheathing

Using a continuous extrusion process, INTRAL can manufacture high precision aluminium tubes (round and multivoid), customized bars and core sheathing.

- Round tubing is offered in diameters up to 1" with various wall thickness.

- Multivoid tubing is offered in widths to 1" dimensioned to customer's specific design.

- Solid profiles of semi-hollows or specialty hollow shapes are welcome inquiries.

- Aluminium alloys offered include 1100, 1350 and 3003.

- Sheathing of solid and/or heat sensitive cores (CATV, OPGW, Cables)

- Products shipped on wooden reels or in specified packaging.

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INTRAL & Company Ltd.
135 Carignan West blvd.
Princeville, Quebec, Canada G6L 4M3

Tel: 819-364-7551
Fax: 819-364-7425

Montreal Sales Office
Tel: 514-339-2499 ext. 121
Fax: 514-339-5716

Technical and Commercial Rep. for Tubes, Bars and Core Sheathing
Tel: 561-335-7740
Fax: 561-337-7619

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